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What is the Teen Mental Health Initiative?

The Teen Mental Initiative (TMHI) is a Wholistic Health Alliance Youth Brigade project. It is a student-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness on the subject of teenager’s mental health issues and subsequently taking action to mitigate the occurrence of those issues. It was founded by students, for students. Our goal is to ultimately create a world where teenagers no longer suffer from mental health illnesses or issues. To reach this goal we are currently working to create a world in which mental health is valued in the same manner as physical health.

Latest from the Blog

The Impact of Stress on Eating Disorders

by Tanisha Baliga Eating disorders and stress go hand in hand. Stress causing unhealthy habits like eating disorders. The more stress we put on ourselves, the more likely we are to continue these unhealthy habits. An eating disorder is a psychological disorder that is characterized by disturbed eating habits like bulimia or anorexia. The start…

An Overview of Teen Mental Health in the US

by ZiQing Kuang Mental health disorders, such as anxiety disorders and mood disorders, are something that a lot of teenagers across the US face today. It connects to disturbances in thinking perception and behavior and maladaptive personal characteristics, and all these traits link back to mental health. According to multiple studies, youth mental health is…

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